Thursday, 15 February 2018

Here & Now

Loving // My new arrivals from the library - both fiction and non fiction, entertainment, inspiration, and information,

Eating // Fresh cherry tomatoes from my garden - and all from the one plant

Drinking // lots of water

Feeling //Hot and bothered, I love summer but am not really a fan of the humidity, and the library I work in, doesn't have aircon in every room.

Making // Another block for my Solstice Dream Quilt, I've changed the stitch required on the yellow petal from crested chain stitch (sometimes my head does not like complicated stitches) to oyster stitch, still lots more to do on this.

Thinking //About what to make for dinner tonight, it's a neverending chore some weeks.

Dreaming // Of cooler nights which would let me sleep well.

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  1. Lots to keep you busy here Julie - your tomatoes are looking in better shape than mine!

  2. Your block looks lovely, it is certainly going to be an heirloom when it is finished. x

  3. Your stitching is just beautiful, and your library stack is great (as usual :-) (and that bowl that the tomatoes are in - all the heart eyes!!)
    I feel your pain on the dinner thing. I am always whining, "WHY do we have to eat dinner EVERY day?!"

  4. some gorgeous stitching going on. Any problems with bugs in the garden with all this rain & humidity?

  5. Beautiful stitching!! Great pile of books too. We were in Auckland last weekend, the humidity was shocking!!

  6. Lovely tomatoes, I can imagine biting into one!
    Your embroidery is looking good too.

  7. Oh those tomatoes!
    I also am not a fan of humidity. Wisconsin can have thick humidity in July and August, we call it "thick as pea soup days"
    Hope you have cooler nights to sleep well.

  8. Julie, your needle work is always so exquisite! Bright, cheerful, and beautifully stitched.

    Hopefully you've had some respite. It has been cooler down our way for the last few nights, but still warm and humid in the days. My garden is not impressed with the sticky still air, but the pests seem to like it. Bah! :(

  9. Such beautiful stitching ... I will have to look up this crested chain stitch as I've not learnt that yet! Aren't little piles of books from the library such a lovely thing to look forward to! Meg:)

  10. Those tomatoes look delicious Julie! You certainly have a green finger! And you pile of books always inspires me! I intend to borrow the No Scrap Left Behind one from my library when I am next ready to start another scrap quilt!

  11. Beautiful stitching! And that lovely book stack is you sorted for a couple of weeks!


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