Wednesday 21 February 2018

Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

Welcome to another Sew, Stitch, Snap SHARE.

Between work, trying to be a domestic goddess and playing taxi driver for Miss B and Mr J, there has not really been a lot of time for sewing.  Solstice Dream is still very much an enjoyable work in progress and so easy just to pick up and do a few stitches here and there in the evenings. Admittedly there is some unpicking that occurs too, I think I am trying to be too much of a perfectionist.

The first couple of photos are details of my latest finish, Block 10 - Big Bloom.  I love the colours in this one.

I'm really enjoying all the bullion knots on Block 15 - Pretty in Pink.  Hard to believe that this time last year I had never even heard of some of these stitches and had to constantly look at tutorials to see how to do them.  Now they are second nature to me.

On my days off this week, after a serious vacuuming and furniture moving session, I'm planning to baste the Sea Glass sampler quilt, never something I enjoy, but I am looking forward to getting on with the quilting and hopefully finishing it in time for Miss B's birthday.  Nothing like working under pressure.

Now it's your turn to share, it doesn't matter if it's embroidery, a quilt, applique or epp, or some other stitched or sewn project,  It can be a start, a finish or just a wip.  All we ask is that you follow these guidelines when linking up:

  • Link up any post from the past week that features  a sewing or stitching project you have been working on.
  • Somewhere in your post, please link to this one.
  • Also please take the time to read and comment on some of the other linked posts, it is always nice to know that people are reading what you have written, and we are trying to encourage people to keep blogging and reading blogs.
Thanks for joining us
Julie and Linda


  1. I love these blocks Julie, beautiful stitching! I remember you asking me 'what colour is a hedgehog' - and now I see why! He's too cute!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful Julie, the close ups of the stitching amazing. Love the little bees here and there, the hedgehog is gorgeous!! Beautiful colours.

  3. Such beautiful stitching! I can tell you must be enjoying this.:)

  4. What a joy to visit and see the beautiful stitches you are one talented lady.

  5. It’s lovely being able to admire your stitches up close Julie! You are so very skilled ! I love the whimsy in each block too!

  6. Beautiful stitching Julie - and your photos really do it justice too! I'm never quite organised enough to join in with SSSS.... not sure if the likes of my latest post is eligible?!

  7. Your bullion stitches are gorgeous, Julie.
    All your blocks together make one happy garden.

  8. Gorgeous bullions and cast on stitches!

  9. I am so in love with these blocks...the vibrant colours and immaculate embroidery!

  10. Those blocks are so pretty! The stitching on them is really what makes them come alive.

  11. You have such a beautiful eye for detail!


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