Sunday, 11 February 2018

Heroic Garden Party at Foggydale Farm

Children's Playhouse

I need a view like this and the garden art to go with it

Rudbeckia and Dahlia

Rudbeckia under the apple trees

Bird and bug hotel

Close up of some of the guest rooms

Coleus and flowering Hosta

Russian Red Sunflower 

Just before Christmas I booked tickets for Mum and I to attend the Heroic Garden Party hosted by gardener and author Lynda Hallinan at her home and garden, Foggydale Farm as part of the Heroic Garden Festival.  The garden festival  itself is held over two days and visits many different town and country gardens in the greater Auckland area.  Originally it was established as a fundraiser for Herne Bay House which offered respite care for suffers of HIV/AIDS.  Now it supports Hospice.

We just wanted to visit the one garden event,  the idea being that everyone would dress up in pretty summer clothes and wear lovely creative sunhats,  Unfortunately the weather put paid to that, it was Soggydale Farm we visited with everyone garbed in coats, gumboots and wielding umbrellas.

The gardens were lovely, especially the potager garden of which most of my photos came from.  There were some stunning colour and plant combinations too, which I think I may be inspired to recreate albeit on a smaller scale in my little garden next year.   I was also quite intrigued to see how she mixed coloured vegetable plants in some of her flower gardens.  Devonshire teas were available, there were different market stalls to shop at offering plants, garden art and other treats.

Weather aside, was still beautiful garden to visit, and to see in real life so many of the different features we have read about or seen pictured in various house and garden type magazines over the past few years.


  1. WOW!!!! What a spectacular place! You take lovely photo's.

  2. It's very wonderful to see, in the middle of winter here, dahlias blooming.
    That is a gorgeous garden.
    And you got visit the garden festival with your Mum, what a treat!

  3. What a beautiful garden! Love the cosmos, pumpkins and the little critter hotel!

  4. Wow, such a beautiful garden the stunning array of colour is a delight. I love the children's playhouse what a fun thing. Such a shame about the weather.

  5. Oh how grand to see blooming colors and lush greens - so drab, wet, and chilly here! Thank you for this brilliant ray of sunshine for my soul.

  6. Oh, I remember the color green! Your garden photos are just lovely and like a warm breath of summer has swept through the room. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love all that lush green and the bright colours, it is so dry here in Adelaide. The red sunflowers look quite unusual, bet the birds will be loving the seeds sometime soon.

  8. How gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these photos. I really enjoyed them, as we're freezing with snow here at the moment. I sure would love so much to be able to visit New Zealand for a good solid month or two!

  9. What super photos - just the thing to cheer up a freezing winter's day here in England!

  10. Lucky you - her garden looks amazing. a very clever lady!!

  11. I want to come along next year. :-) Beautiful!!!


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