Saturday, 7 April 2018

A Pattern, Plans and Fabrics

With my  recent foray back into sewing clothing,, I have splurged and bought another pattern from an online indie pattern designer, and some more knit fabrics.

Oh what a slippery slope to a rabbit hole full of piles of unfinished clothes and unused patterns I could fall into.  I read recently on a sewists blog some advice which I though very prudent  ..." only buy patterns of which you would actually buy the garments if they were ready made"

My latest pattern purchase is the Kyoto Tee, designed by PaperCut patterns, a New Zealand based company.  The Kyoto tee is a softly draping t-shirt with a frill on the drop shoulder, smart yet feminine, and I think it could be layered successfully over long sleeve tees in winter too.  I also like the long sleeve sweater version.  I ordered the paper pattern, so I don't have to faff around printing it off and then assembling it.

Currently, I am making a test version, in a cheap cotton knit  before I cut into this beautiful Merino Jersey from  The Fabric Store.   So far the instructions are really clear and it's quite a simple top, if little fiddly with the frill,  to assemble.  I'm not terrible happy with my top stitching around the neck, and am debating unpicking it, if I can see the stitches well enough.  I've discovered stitches really seem to sink into knit fabrics, and my eyes don't seem to like trying to find them.

I'm calling it quits for the day now, hopefully I'll finish it up tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful work so far, Julie.
    Thanks for sharing your progress, very inspiring.

  2. Clever you, and well done. :-)


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