Sunday, 13 January 2019

Weekending - Hiking in Karangahake

The old tramline on the right

Looking down into an overgrown kiln

One of the windows in the tunnels

Monbretia in bloom

Remains of one of the batteries

In the old rail tunnel

Today The Scout, Miss B and I ventured to Karangahake Gorge, to test out a day hike,  The Scout is planning for a cub group later in the year.

We did the Windows Walk, which was an easy walk along the river and through the old mining tunnels (yes I did get wet feet doing this, and I was glad I had a torch) with the windows out to the gorge. 

Old tram lines and lots of old mining equipment litter the walkway, which is very scenic everywhere you look.

After lunch we did a short hike on part of the  Karangahake Rail Trail - the highlight being a walk through the old rail tunnel which is 1km in length.

It was lovely to get away from Auckland, before another week of work.


  1. Oh what a beautiful area for hike!! I love that kind of hiking!!

  2. I got confused and thought you were at Kauaeranga Valley. I was going to tell you how I hiked up the mountain for my silver Duke of Ed. We stayed in a hut at the top. Some went to the Pinnacles, but I didn't. They had gold mining in Kauaeranga Valley too. Looks like you're enjoying nature.

  3. Wow fantastic photo's of a spectacular place, oneday for me..............

  4. Stunning photographs Julie, you were brave venturing into the tunnel - not for me!!

  5. Love this area, always stop and look when driving down to Tauranga. Wonderful photos, thank for sharing, I am sure the cubs will enjoy exploring here.

  6. Great photos! Do bats live in the tunnels?

  7. Lots of nice pictures, thanks for sharing!


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