Thursday, 6 June 2013

Domestic Day

It has been the most gloriously fine winter's day here in Auckland today.  Enough wind to make it a great day for sheets on the line, and airing all the sleeping bags used over last weekends camp.  Far to nice to be inside being a Domestic Goddess, however that is what I have been doing.

There has been vacuuming, floor washing, bathroom cleaning, dusting and polishing, all done with the doors wide open and a breeze airing out the house.

Pumpkin and kumara have been chopped up ready to make this soup for dinner tonight, which we will have with the bread I made the other day.

And then I sat down virtuously contemplating how clean and tidy my house looked, enjoying a hot drink, a little chocolate treat and a magazine, before my children came home from school and messed it up again.

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