Sunday, 16 June 2013


Music lessons on Saturday morning, a trip to the library, and then some time weeding a much neglected corner of my garden.  Time to sit and relax with some garden books and magazines looking for inspiration and ideas to fill in the gaps I made.

Used some lovely freshly picked lemons in a Lemon Poppyseed Cake, which Miss B and I will enjoy.  The same Miss B who told me yesterday that she doesn't really like any of the chocolate chip cookies I make.  Oh well more for the rest of us.

Some almost instant gratification with a  small sewing project - a new pincushion made from chocolate linen, vintage lace and scraps of  Oh Deer fabric. Something for all my lovely new pins.

Lots of rain on Sunday, meant lots of  handquilting.  My Ruby quilt and the sewing machine decided not to co-operate, so this will be a labour of  love,  mainly worked on in the evenings.  Just the white centre squares so far, I am still debating whether to quilt around each nine patch individually or in blocks of four. I am also wondering about trying to machine quilt the borders in 1/2" rows - hopefully my machine would like doing this, cos it shouldn't be so bulky at the edges. Would it look funny with handquilting and dense machine quilting?

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  1. Lovely pictures! In answer to your last question, I don't think so! It's looking great already.


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