Thursday, 27 June 2013

Zip Zap - A Pouch is Done

Yesterday, using this tutorial from Noodle-head, I made my first zippered pouch.  I haven't sewn a zip in anything since I was about 18. The instruction book and box of sewing machine feet was hauled out, there was a little bit of scooting the chair from the sewing desk to the the computer for each step. 

No shortcuts were taken - I basted the zip in and then pinned it in place before sewing.  It's not quite perfect, but for a first attempt I am really pleased.  I hand stitched instead of machine stitching the top stitch - only because I like the look.
The tutorial is really clear with good photos and instructions - possibly my only advice would be to make a bigger size if this is your first time putting a zip in and doing boxed corners, so you have a bit more room to manoeuvre things around.

This  pouch is destined to be filled with nail polishes and other little treats for one of my nieces as a Christmas gift. Miss B has requested I make her one too


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