Thursday, 1 August 2013

Planning, Starting & Finishing

I haven't been sitting idle while my machine is away - tempting as it is to laze around with a good book and hot cups of tea.

Geranium/pelargonium cuttings have been potted up ready to take root for summer planting.  Unfortunately I can't remember what colour flowers each will have so it will be a surprise come summer.

Earlier this year I made a linen rabbit from Helen Phillips book Simple Sewn Gifts.  This poor rabbit has been put away in my cupboard - partially undressed, waiting for me to finish her dress.  I figured if I blog about it - this will give me the motivation to finish her - so watch this space.

I bought a skirt pattern the other day - I have had a small picture of it ripped out and pinned to my notice board for about 6 months,  so I finally got it.  This year I will try sewing clothes for me again - I used to do a lot in my early twenties.  Now just to find some nice fabric for it.

Finally I have been looking for inspiration to use this pretty bundle of Simply Style eyelet fabric - I am looking at making another cushion for me. I keep coming back to either this Paletina pillow or a pinwheel cushion inspired by this mini quilt.


  1. It will be great to finish up the dress for your rabbit - it looks gorgeous, too pretty to languish in a cupboard.
    Lots of possibilities for your lovely little pile of fabric too.

  2. Your rabbit is very cute. I love the fabric you've chosen for her dress. Clever you!


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