Sunday, 20 March 2016


Things that made me happy this weekend:
  • hand stitching down the binding on my quilt
  • reading 84 Charing Cross Road, first published in 1970, this is a just a totally charming read that I would thoroughly recommend. ( I might have to see if I can find  a copy of the movie too)
  • pears in a bowl - I just love the combination of the turquoise and green together
  • a morning walk along the reserve, not many people out, a warm breeze and beautiful water views.
  • honey bees on my flowering sedum.  After the Varroa mite invasion a few years ago, I hadn't seen any honey bees in my garden, so these are a welcome sight.  They have also enjoyed my oregano plant which flowered this year too.
  • doing a little more hand quilting on the scrappy sampler quilt
What have you enjoyed this weekend?


  1. It's good you have bees again. Your turquoise bowl is fabulous. It's been mainly indoor weather here.

  2. So glad you are enjoying 84 Caring Cross Road. I love to see bees in the garden. Our neighbours have installed a beehive. We so happy about that.

  3. What lovely photos Julie. Your hand quilting looks lovely.

  4. Very impressive hand quilting, all beautiful images.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Julie. I enjoy sewing bindings down too. We had our taxes done this weekend - not very much fun. I hope I can do a few fun crafting things today.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Julie! They sure make Monday morning brighter! Your quilt must just about be finished? I enjoyed the cooler weather, some sewing time, and two movies this weekend! I remember see Charing Cross Road at the movies years ago- and loved it!

  7. Love your 'pearsinabowl' pic! Your hand quilting looks wonderful too!

  8. After a cloudy sunshine for a full week!! The sun broke out late Saturday morning. We all went for a walk along the Red Cedar River. :-))
    Have a great week!

  9. your quilt is so pretty... I do so love HSTs

  10. LOVE your hand stitching and the quilt in the first picture is gorgeous! Your photos are just gorgeous. The pear bowl would be a great addition to my serving dishes. Glad you had a weekend full of such beauty!


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