Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I have been ...

Making :   Lots of 2.5: squares for my next project
Drinking : Gin & Tonics with a splash of lime - perfect in the evening as I'm cooking dinner
Reading:   Back to the Land by Lynda Hallinan
Wanting:   Fine  warm weather on Christmas Day
Looking:   At cookbooks - trying to find Christmas recipes
Playing:    Trivia games on Sporacle
Wasting:   Time  - usually on the computer
Enjoying:  How well my vegetable seedlings are growing
Whittakers white chocolate and L&P

My vase of freshly picked Sweet William flowers
Watching:  Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Marvelling: At how tall Miss B is growing and how quickly

Smelling:    Star Jasmine - my plants are a mass of white stars
   Shorts and singlet tops - I love summer weather
Feeling:     Proud of Mr J's motivation to train for the Kids Weetbix Tryathalon
Admiring:  Lydia Ko - New Zealands's youngest female professional golfer
Buying:   More lettuce seedlings, a black cherry tomato plant and  a bag of sheep poo
Getting:  A wee bit stressed over money - dental bills play havoc with the savings account
Bookmarking: Well pinning really - lots of gift wrapping ideas for Christmas (I've wrapped two)

What have you been doing lately? Leave a link to your list in my comments - I'd love to catch up and see what you have been up too.

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