Sunday, 13 April 2014


Most of Saturday I worked at the library, so when I finished, I made the most of the remainder of my weekend.
  • I finished reading  The Goldfinch  (I gave up on The Luminaries).  It was an interesting, if at times, a hard book to read, but now I have a new pile of  interesting books to get started on.
  • My new pressing board for my sewing table, measuring 40cm x 40cm.
  • The piles of shirt strips for Mr J's quilt are slowly growing - I found a couple of almost new shirts in the shop shop on Friday. Hopefully I will be able to start sewing the blocks soon.
  • A surprise in my garden - a flowering  mini  Cyclamen.
  • Revealing the woodwork, under layers of paint.  The Scout has started sanding back the old door he bought me.We are hoping it will be able to be turned into a cutting table for my sewing room.
  • Tiny 4.5" blocks for a Flickr Quilt-a-Long.  The idea is to use up scraps to make these blocks.  We are given a theme each week.
What have you made this weekend?  What is flowering/growing in your gardens?


  1. I have the "Goldfinch" sitting in my stack of to-read books too . . . it looks thick and daunting. It's really nice that you can grow cyclamen in your garden - we can only buy them from the hot house here in Minnesota.

  2. Now that is some weekending! I would say that you had a wonderful one! I LOVE those shirt strips for the quilt...such rich pieces that are going to look awesome in the quilt! And what gorgeous blooms you have there! Wishing you a lovely week friend! Nicole xo

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk finished my first quilt top!!!!! Super excited about that (aiming to make 3 maybe 4 Quillow's for Christmas) I have a stack of books I have been given that I need to make a start on and what is growing??? Well I have planted 70 daffidol bulbs and I have about 30 tulip bulbs to plant Phew thank goodness there is a long weekend coming up

  4. I love your cyclamen... what a beautiful surprise!! Your weekends are always so much fun!! Having good reads handy is a must! Books, flowers, sewing equals bliss!!!

  5. I read The Goldfinch a little while ago too. I did and didn't want it to end. I didn't want the main character to get in any worse trouble. I have The Luminaries in the to read pile. Maybe these hols.


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