Thursday, 10 April 2014

What is My Style?

One of my favourite new blog reads is Hey Porkchop.  Amanda is a wonderful knitter, cross-stitcher and quilter.  She creates the most beautiful little pouches and quilts.  Reading through  her old posts, I came across this interesting post on style - in particular her personal style.  It got me thinking about my style (and browsing my pinterest boards too, to see if  I could describe it. Not really - it's a real mixture)  - in my home, my dress and my crafting.  So here goes - a little about what I like:

Colours: warm earthy reds, golds and olive greens, denimy blues, creams, aqua and pistachio/lime tones, hot pinks and corals

Decor:  I like colour in my house, antiques, ornaments and other collectibles - bowls of shells, plants, pottery and ceramics, books and magazines - I could never live in a minimalist style house.  I don't think my house is cluttered, but it looks lived in and shows bits of the personalities of it's inhabitants.  Recycled furniture and lots of wood feature heavily too. I describe my home decor style as a mix of urban country and vintage bach.

Dress: smart casual, jeans, nice tops, dresses and skirts in summer. I love scarves in  winter, wearing nice earrings and necklaces to dress up a T-shirt and jeans. (I think I have always wanted to dress elegantly casual)

Sewing/Quilting: I love the look of bright colours against a linen/low volume background, but then I also like bright scrappy quilts or the almost jewel box explosion of colour in Anna Maria Horner fabrics and quilts. I love making little bags and pouches.  Pillows too - none of which really tone in with my home decor (at this point anyway).  I guess I create with the colours that make me happy, and I do sometimes struggle when making things for other people to work with colours they like.

Though I may be inspired by other people's  ideas and creations,  ultimately it is my style that comes through, whether in my home, my dress or my sewing.

What is your style?  How would you describe it?


  1. I will have to check out her blog as I was smiling at her blog name...I often call my beans porkchops (something my dad called us growing up)!! SO cute! And I am with you on the decor..pieces from the past mixed with this and thats! And I like your style too! I hope you are having a great week friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. Oh dear, I got asked this question several years ago at a scrapbook crop. My response was random!!!! Where ever my mood takes me, sometimes cute, sometimes vintage sometimes .......................

  3. my style...homemade.Linda I guess!!

  4. p.s. there's a very interesting read (& comments!) over @
    on "style", check it out! L

  5. I think my home decor style is very similar to yours Julie. I like old things especially if the have meaning to me and while I don't like clutter I do like things that show my personality and I do like lots of colour.


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