Friday, 6 June 2014

Mini Quilt Mail

If you had been thinking that things were a bit quiet on the sewing front, rest assured that lots has been going on - just secretly.  A couple of months ago, my sister Janine, and I decided to make each other a mini quilt for our sewing rooms.  This week we finally received our quilts, so I can show what I made.

I decided to do a mini Lone-Starburst for her.  It is a paper-pieced pattern.  I made it using some fabrics from Bonnie & Camille's Scrumptious and Modern Vintage ranges and other co-ordinating solids. After adding a border and binding it ended up at abut 16" square.

The beautiful package is what mine came in.  My sister made the decorative heart too.  I received the most beautiful rainbow wheel mini quilt.  I am so looking forward to cleaning up my sewing room and hanging this on that lovely blank wall .

Thanks so much Janine for a lovely swap.


  1. Very Nice! Love the heart to with all that crochet around the edge it's lovely :)

  2. Now how awesome is this! The fact that both of you are this talented just blows me away! And to have a piece from your sister to cherish in your space is just beautiful as are those pieces up there! And look at that gorgeous package! So very special! Nicole xoxo

  3. Love the colours you have both used! I'm impressed that you have a sister who is talented too - I'm pleased when mine can make it down the road to the patchwork shop to buy me a voucher! :-)


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