Sunday, 29 June 2014


Working every day, doesn't leave much time for sewing, baking, reading or housework for that matter, and it will be the same next week too.

This weekend, The Scout, celebrated a birthday, so being the nice wife  I am, I made brown sugar cinnamon brioche for his birthday breakfast. They were certainly enjoyed by us all on Saturday morning.

I have also started some Christmas sewing - a paper-pieced badger - this will be a cushion for my Dad, whom we have nicknamed The Badger. There are some misleading angles and some tiny pieces in this pattern, so needless to say there has been a lot of unpicking, however the full badger is now finished, and I am quite pleased with how he looks.

Only a week left, before the school holidays start.  I am looking forward to some lie-ins, baking, sewing and fun with Miss B and Mr J.

Have a great week.


  1. The brioche looks amazing. The badger pillow is a great idea for a Christmas gift, it looks like a very intricate project. And yay for school holidays, I'm really looking forward to slow starts to our days and lots of chilling at home. Have a lovely week xo

  2. you bake the most delicious things!! yay for getting started on Christmas; you will be so happy to have some things done come November.

  3. These cinnamon rolls remind me of the ones my grandma made! They look amazing! A very happy birthday to your husband! And getting ready for are a rockstar!!! I have no idea how you get so much done and work! Inspiring you are! Nicole xo


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