Monday, 2 June 2014


Queen's Birthday Weekend means a long weekend here.  With the house to myself, I had three days of sewing, reading, cooking and relaxing planned.  Needless to say plans have a way of changing.  I got rung up on Saturday morning and asked if I could work, because they were three people short.  So I  ended up with a two day weekend anyway.  I have still managed to do all that I planned, just not the quantity of sewing I wanted to.
  • I have made a start on my flying geese, only three more rows of 20 to sew together now
  • I purchased a skein of 2 ply merino wool for a shawl/scarf type thing, what a mission, winding it into balls.  I ended up with three balls after a few small tangles mid way through. Love the colours of it though.
  • Fresh parsley, rocket and spinach from the garden, waiting to be used in a Barley and Roast butternut salad for Sundays dinner.
  • Some more sewing on my Warm Wishes swap project - I have completed the exterior and all the interior compartments, now just working out how to get the binding and zip on.  Wish me luck.
Hoping you all had a lovely weekend too.


  1. Love the wool - gorgeous colours. Your swap item looks great - I think I've seen some of those on other blogs. Will be interested to know how esy the vinyl compartments were to make. Two days of sewing still sounds great! :-)

  2. Four lovely things there...good luck with the shawl :)

  3. Your birthday???!?!?!?! Happy birthday pal!!!! That yarn is STUNNING!!! The colors are just outstanding! And I am sorry you were called in though it sounds like you still got so much done! And just look at those greens! Yummy!! Hope your dinner was outstanding and a lovely week ahead friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. My goodness that wool looks brilliant. What lovely colours.

    Food looks great too.

    Sewing perfect as always

    Life is good at your house

  5. Hooray for three day weekends, but bad luck being called in to work unexpectedly. Your photos, as always, look beautiful :-)


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