Thursday, 2 October 2014

Day Tripping

The Scout has taken a few days off work these school holidays.  So today we took a family day trip to Mt Maunganui, a beautiful beach town on the East Coast. The plan was to walk around and then up the Mount, unfortunately all access to it was closed due to a tragedy there yesterday.  Miss B and Mr J were still delighted to explore the beach, collect some shells and enjoy our picnic lunch with gelato and sorbet for dessert.  (I really enjoyed that too)

On the way home we stopped at the Waihi Gold Mine.  I wanted to visit the Cornish Pumphouse, which has always fascinated me.  Built in 1904 it was moved from its original site to where it is located now.  It was also amazing seeing how large the open cast mine is, the trucks working there, looked like matchbox toys from where we stood.

Now we are back at home, and it's cold and wet. Thankfully the weather was beautiful if somewhat windy for our trip.


  1. Those photos are gorgeous friend!! My goodness! Photos out of a stunning scene from a movie! So glad you all had this time as a family!! Lovely day to you! Nicole xo

  2. We are just home from a family holiday too - I love Waihi and the pumphouse I just get sad seeing the mining

  3. Looks like a good trip even if you couldn't make it up the Mount! I haven't been there yet, but need to make a plan :)

  4. Always enjoy taking a trip in NZ with you. :-)
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful photos of your fun day out. It's always good to get and see different places. The pumphouse looks impressive.


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