Saturday, 18 October 2014


  • these violets for bringing back childhood memories of time with my sister and my Nan
  • this gorgeously inspiring Liberty Drawstring bag from Cottitello
  • this dining table - I want to paint the base of mine and sand and restain the top for a similar look
  • this cunning idea for an ironing board in my sewing room
  • a simple idea for hanging my lanterns outside

  • the fabulous quilt my  talented sister is making  (she needs her own blog to show her beautiful crafty creations)

    • oh so true
    • this book - I don't know how many times I have read it, but it remains a favourite

    • cosmos flowers - I have seedlings of these to plant - hopefully for an endless supply of flowers to pick for summer

    What are you liking at present?
    I'm off to enjoy my weekend now, I hope yours is great too.


    1. Some wonderful likes, hope you have a great weekend. I am liking the break in the weather so no rain at the moment.

      1. I'm hoping the rain holds off here too, The Scout is away camping and hiking this weekend, usually rains when he does that.

    2. So much to like an appreciate! I agree your sisters quilt is lovely................a blog would be good.

    3. I'm in love with that book too, though I have only read it once. Cosmos, the plant that keeps on giving! Once you have these you are never without them..

    4. So many great things to love! Thanks also for the book tip I'll keep my eye out for it! xx

    5. Hi,
      You keep giving me good reads...I keep writing down the titles. :-) Thank You!
      I grow Cosmos too. How fun! Mine did really well this year.
      Enjoy your weekend.


    6. love that Liberty bag....and the cake!

    7. Why are there so many ideas/inspirations but so little time to complete them all? Must make that cake (think I've said that before). Love the liberty bag as well... and your sister's quilt. :-)

    8. That ironing board really is a great idea isn't it! xx

    9. I so want to read that book one day! the feathers quilt-AMAZING! as for all the other delights and ideas -they look great! Love the liberty drawstring bag too - so pretty!


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