Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Today I Am

Making :   Something for a friend and a Christmas gift
Cooking :  Banana Bran Muffins - to freeze away, for back to school lunches
Drinking : Hot chocolate and Saints Chardonnay - not at the same time
Reading:   Gardening Women by Catherine Horwood  (a really interesting read)

Wanting:   Fresh summer fruit
Playing:    With 2.5" squares of fabric

Enjoying:  The scent of my neighbour's flowering clematis

Waiting:   For some packages to arrive in the post
Liking:  New season asparagus
Wondering:  Whether to get my hair cut short again  (think urchin style short)
Loving:    My vase of Alstromeria on the dining table

Pondering:  What to plant in my vegetable garden later this month
Hoping:  The wild and windy weather stops soon
Needing:   To do some serious spring cleaning
Smelling:  Oven Cleaner - guess what I'm doing later
Wearing:   Fluffy Slippers
Noticing:   That my lawn needs mowing again
Knowing:  That I will be the one to do it
Thinking:   I should stop wasting time on the computer
Admiring:   Deb - from Works in Progress, wife, mum to 4, student, quilter extraordinaire
Sorting:   Piles of fabric spread all over my cutting  and sewing tables

Buying:   Another small pile of fabric - thanks Spotlight for VIP specials
Getting:  Rid of old clothes and blankets to the op shop
Bookmarking:  Lots of inspiration on my Pinterest boards
Giggling:  At Mr J's funny sense of humour
Snacking: On chips and dip
Hearing:  Birds singing in the trees


  1. That all sounds lovely...except for the cleaning of the oven and maybe cutting the grass ! Another new book winging your way maybe? :)

  2. Sounds like a great day, except for the oven cleaning. Hope you are enjoying it.

    1. My oven looks beautiful, and the lawns are done now too. Feeling very virtuous.

  3. Your day sounds like a good one! The book sounds especially interesting. xx

  4. I must locate that book myself! Do you like the DSQuilts fabric from Spotlight? Last time I looked at a range it was very poor quality... does this have a good feel/weave to it? I love your 2.5" squares - they look like 3 Sisters?

  5. I love how you wrote this post.
    It was fun to read.
    Thank you for another fun book to check out at the library.

  6. Spotlight Mt Wgtn only had 6 of the DS fabrics! Off to Manukau tomorrow.

  7. That book looks wonderful!! I will have to look into that one! I love that you are enjoying Spring! I am happy to have a gardening/mowing break as it is getting colder here. Also, love the alstromeria!!

    1. That book is a really good read, sadly the alstromeria is not from my garden though.

  8. looks like you have a great deal to be thankful for!


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