Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Testing Times

Mosaic of identical blocks rotated.

Recently one of my blog friends - Allison at Campbell Soup Diary, made a beautiful quilt to a pattern of her own design.  It is paper pieced, and I absolutely love it , so was very flattered when she asked if I would be a pattern tester.  Of course I said yes.

Inspired by this quilt, I bought some new fabrics and raided my stash for others, with a rough idea of what I wanted to do.  Allison has very thoughtfully included colouring blocks to nut out fabric/colour placement, so I spent a little bit of time making some different variations of my scheme.

I made the first quadrant of a block, photographed and cropped it, then made a mosaic of what a four completed blocks would look like.  Initially I didn't like it, especially since it is so different from Allison's quilt.  However I persevered and finished the remaining three quadrants with some of the other planned fabrics, so I would have a completed scrappy block.  My block ended up a little smaller than the 12" finished size it was supposed to (and I suspect this is because it may have been printed incorrectly by The Scout).  I do quite like the look, however I am a little perplexed as to what colour I would applique in the centre of all those gold tones.

I will print off some more templates from home, (lets see if these are the right size) and keep playing around, maybe I'll do one with more low volumes as Allison has done so the jewel tones POP more.

Luckily this is such an easy and enjoyable block, and I have a couple more weeks to work on this.


  1. I cannot believe how much you've accomplished with this in one day!! I didn't even get to LOOK at my email until last night... Still haven't settled on fabric. What I *think* I want to do will require placing an order, which would mean several more days before I can actually begin... (I best figure it out TODAY)
    I love the 2 color block, and I'm normally not a fan of such things, but it works really well with this block. Of course, I also love the colorful block... I also really like how you've used color where she used a neutral and vise versa. Man! I wish I had more time to really think on this!

  2. Isn't it fun to have an excuse to buy new fabrics ; ) this is a really great color palette, and I just know that the AMH fabrics that you have pulled for this will really be a nice accent (you know my weakness) I have an idea about the center circle, but I'm not going to say... I'm curious what you pick. Have fun with the rest!

  3. What fun! Both versions look great! I love the rich colours you have chosen, perfect jewels! Not too sure just what I'd use for those triangles, I guess more playing needed!

  4. Love this block Julie! Do you think it needs that centre circle? Maybe a grey one would be subtle enough not to detract from the richness of the gold, hot pink and violet!

  5. Great! I'm testing the same pattern but I haven't started yet. You have choosen nice fabrics :)

  6. This block looks like a fun one to test. Making a mosaic is a great way to test out colour placement etc - might have to try that myself one day. Did you use PicMonkey to make the mosaic?


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