Friday, 7 October 2016

From the Sewing Room

  • Sometimes, we start things because everyone else is, we want to feel that we belong to that group, and to experience the camaraderie that goes with that belonging.  My #100days100blocks  project was like that.   After a wee bit of deliberation, I have decided to stop my participation at 48 blocks. I am not enjoying the project, and I know it is meant to be a no stress thing, but I feel stressed and under pressure if I am not up to date or even a couple of days ahead, which I know is silly.  To me quilting is meant to be a fun, relaxing hobby and it shouldn't make me feel like this.  So rather than continue to invest time in a project that is not really making me happy, I am going to turn these 48 blocks into a quilt and donate it to my local Hospice.  I can't think of a better place for it to go, and of course that means I can start a new project or two that makes me happy.
  • I'm a little bit late to the Alison Glass fan club, but after seeing so many of her fabrics used in the Jeweled Kaleidoscope quilts and cushions being made by the pattern testers, I finally succumbed and bought some of her beautiful endpaper design from her Ex Libris collection.
  • Another block for the Seaglass sampler quilt - this paper pieced heart from Lilyella is the 10" poetry version of her Love Story Block.
Happy weekending !!


  1. Well done Julie - especially for being brave enough to stop. I am enjoying my #100days but I've got a bit ahead - and through the triangle section - so that is helping. But I must admit I'm thinking of giving my quilt away, as it's not really 'me'. Though we must think alike - our block 48's are very similar! There are so many lovely things to make that we must remember to stick to what we love! :-) Happy sewing!

  2. Good for you for listening to yourself!! I've got to learn to balance projects that 'feed me' and commission projects (which, as a rule, aren't as enjoyable - in part due to them not being *me*, but also the stress that accompanies it)
    Yes - the Allison glas fabrics are nice, no?? (I'm not as big a fan of the ones that are more batik-ish though) I really love the panel print, but I haven't figured out what I might do with it, so haven't yet talked myself into the purchase.

    Your sea glass sampler is going to be so lovely!

    Happy weekend ~ Tracy

  3. Such a shame you are not enjoying the 100 days but well done you for stopping. Crafting is about the journey and the enjoyment of the making, listening to yourself and stopping is the best thing you can do. Enjoy your next project.

  4. Your blocks will make a wonderful cheerful quilt for hospice. I know what you mean about jumping in with the latest, I did the same with my Moda building Blocks quilt, and it's probably my least loved project... ever!

  5. You have a wonderfully happy looking quilt there. I agree with other commenters, if you're not loving it then I say let it go. In your case giving this to the Hospice is a lovely idea.

  6. I can totally understand the desire to get off the merry-go-round of the 100 blocks in 100 days! I work much better without stress too! And how lovely that you are going to donate the quilt! There are too many fun projects to work on......

  7. It's funny how we can make our hobby become a burden. I do like the heart block.

  8. Love the heart ... and your idea of donating the quilt.


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