Monday, 24 October 2016


Embroidery and hand sewing
  • my sister reminded me the other day that we needed to swap Christmas decorations again this year.  We are working on the 12 days of Christmas series from mmmcrafts.  I do the odd numbers - she does the even, ideally we make two - one for each of us.  This is No. 5, a golden ring, which I started back in February, so good to finally have it finished.  I just need to make my one now.
  • I thought I should probably do something with the Liberty hexis I sewed up earlier this year, so have started sewing them together - still not sure what I will make with them though.
Hand quilting
  • still working on the Liberty Bloomsbury - I wasn't happy with a lot of the long rows I had done, so unpicked them and started again.  I am much happier with them now.
  • my new Chelsea Winter cookbook - Scrumptious, (I have baked some lovely treats from this already, but will put them in my Cook The Books post at the end of the month).
  • The Secret Recipe for Secret Chances by JD Burrett, set in Sydney, a novel of frinds, family, food (with recipes) and second chances.
  • Fates & Traitors by Jennifer Chiaverini - a novel about John Booth Wilkes, the man who assassinated President Lincoln,
  • I have been working on getting the vegetable garden planted for summer, so far african marigolds, lettuce, beetroot, a cherry and heirloom green tomato, cucumber, capsicum and courgette plants have gone in.  Also flowers for picking, cosmos and snapdragons this year, maybe zinnias if I can find room for them.  So pleased to see my Dietes have started flowering too.
Have a fabulous week.


  1. Lovely progress photo's.........hard to believe Christmas is zooming towards us again!

  2. I thought your ornament was a beautiful necklace :)

  3. Both books look interesting and the felt golden ring is very pretty! I look forward to seeing more of those Christmas decorations!

  4. I am looking forward to seeing more of the Christmas decorations, it will be here before we know it.

  5. Those Liberty fabrics are gorgeous aren't they? And such a lovely set of decorations to be making with your sister, wish my sis was into crafts!

  6. I am excited about the new cookbook! Yummy!
    Oh my, what a wonderful garden. Take lots of photos for me. :-)


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