Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wynyard Quarter and Waterfront

School holidays again, this means another train trip into the city.  Today we explored Wynyard Quarter, an area of of the waterfront which used to be known as Tank Farm because of all the oil and petrol tanks/silos on it.  It is now home to many cafes/ seating areas, and interactive play areas.  Miss B and Mr J weren't to old to enjoy the slide that had been made in a re-purposed silo.  There is a lot of new building taking place in the area too.

We were also lucky enough to see the Te Wero bridge operating as a barge went through underneath it, and the summer cruise season kicking off with the Celebrity Solstice in port.

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  1. That's one mighty cruise ship Julie! I wonder whether it is coming to Melbourne! Lots of things to look at on your trip to the 'big smoke'!

  2. That's one massive cruise ship!

  3. What a busy day! These newer cruise ships are enormous and I must say I dislike them intensely. I sailed to NZ in 1962 on a Greek passenger liner and back to the UK in 1963 on the "Rangitoto" tonnage of around 22,000 tons, I dread to think what tonnage this one would carry.

  4. Looks like a good day out! It's a great area down at the Wynyard Quarter, I love the cafes, the busyness of it all, but I often wonder... why do I feel like a tourist in my own backyard whenever we are there?

  5. The size of the cruise ship, enormous...

  6. Hi,
    Fun post. I love the 4th photo. Love the color.
    Did you do your photo scavenger hunt? I am planning to do mine for the Holiday's in the Twin Cities for the boys. I need some ideas of how you did yours.

  7. What a great day out! Love the splashes of colours your captured the photos. I have never seen those bridges in action. Must have been fascinating!

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!


  8. Great photos!
    My that's a big cruise ship.
    I love the tall ships, too. And what a special mural.

  9. Great photos and you really sparked some memories for me too. Many years ago my dad used to sometimes (as a treat?) drive us through the docks in Auckland on a Sunday morning. Sounds strange now but I remember loving it.

  10. Day trips exploring or rediscovering familiar spots is a great school holiday activity - wonderful memory makers.

  11. This is a great collection of photos. That looks like a wonderful place to visit :)


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