Monday, 10 October 2016

Here & Now

Some of the beautiful flowers seen at the Auckland Botanic Gardens during the school holidays.

Loving //All the spring growth -  lush verdant new leaves, lots of pretty flowers
Eating //Vegemite on fresh bread, a quick late lunch  after work and grocery shopping today
Drinking //Hot chocolate
Feeling // Tired
Making //Plans for a long  slow quilting project
Thinking //It would be nice to have someone to unpack all the groceries, after I bring them inside
Dreaming //Of more than one fine day at a time - I am so over the rain at present

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  1. Lovely photo's the one of The granny bonnet bloom (at least that's what I think it is?) looks like several white doves facing each other, really pretty.

  2. All these flowers are so beautiful, Jule. Aren't Botanic Gardens wonderful places to spend time! I often wish for a grocery fairy too by the way. Meg:)

  3. There are so many gorgeous flowers in this month's Here & Now - how beautiful are they?
    Unpacking groceries is never much fun! I hope you get a sunny week and put your feet up!

    Thanks so much for joining in again,
    Sarah x

  4. Gorgeous Spring flowers looking particularly lovely to me in the Northern Hemisphere as we are now in Autumn. The pohutakara looks fabulous!

  5. Apologies for the spelling mistake. Pohutukawa, of course!

  6. What amazing colours! This month's Here & Now does seem to be full of beautiful flowery shots - I looove it! :)

    Fingers crossed you get those sunny days soon!

    Kate xx

  7. Beautiful spring blooms, the Iris look amazing.

  8. Beautiful, as usual Julie! I am so over the cold too! It is more like August, than October!

  9. Beautiful photos Julie - ages since we visited the Botanic Gardens, looks like it might just be time for a ride!

  10. Lovely flowers, Julie. I hate unpacking the groceries as well, but I would need to have some sort of mind control over my magical unpacking assistant. Hehe. I'm far too pedantic about what lives where around the kitchen. Sad but true!

  11. I always love this style of posting you do.
    Feeling tired ... me to this week. Must be the hibernation of winter coming on for me. That is what I blame it on anyway. HA!
    I had a cup of hot chocolate today. :-)


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