Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Slow Stitches

September already, this means it is officially spring in New Zealand.
  • The latest eight Ice Cream Soda Blossoms, this means that I have completed three months, still at least another 40 blossoms to go. 
  • My favourites from this month
  • All 24 together, maybe I need more aqua and perhaps some more black, or other deeper colours for the next eight.


  1. Nothing wrong with some slow stitching, your is beautiful. My Dresden plates are going v-e-r-y slow in fact my tastes have changed!

  2. These are looking beautiful Julie! I love all this scrappy variety in your fabric choices.

  3. Beautiful blocks, slow stitching is just hwat is needed some days.

  4. Your blocks are looking beautiful Julie! Nothing wrong with some relaxing slow stitching. I'd make a block with some aqua or blue in the outer ring, otherwise your colour choices are great!

  5. Oh these blocks are looks sumptuous, so good to see your progress so far but I didn't realise you had another 40 left to go!

  6. love these blocks for sure.

  7. Beautiful work, you're on a roll.
    I think your color ideas will be perfect.


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