Sunday, 10 September 2017

Here & Now

Loving //spring blooms, blossoms and lambs (these lambs are on the farm where Miss B's archery club meets) Though it's back to feeling more like winter this weekend!!

Eating //tamarillos - gosh I really hope my tree fruits next year

Drinking //water, cups of tea and hot chocolate

Feeling //more positive about my new job, maybe the new vitamins are helping too.

Making // blocks for my Anna Maria Horner quilt 

Thinking //that this pile of mulch is going to take a lot longer to move than I thought.

Dreaming //of summer, warm days, long cold G & Ts, open doors, bare feet, light clothing,  summer fruit and vegetables (can you tell I'm over winter)

Hoping you all have had a fabulous weekend.

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  1. Aw look at those lambs! So sweet <3
    I'm a winter girl but am secretly looking forward to some warmer weather at the moment! I don't think it's very far away.
    Thanks so much for joining in again Julie!
    Sarah x

  2. lambs are always a lovely sight, although I feel for the ones being born when there is a cold snap like we are currently experiencing. I'm glad you are settling into the new job. I'm not so sure you feel so comfortable with the job of moving all that mulch!! Looks like you are brewing over a new quilt? Nice stash busting AMH blocks.

  3. Your EPP block looks lovely Julie! I am have just started a quilt of my own, I'm not sure yet whether to sew the whole thing in EPP or not though :-) Megan x

  4. The lambs are sooo sweet. Do you know, this is the first time to see tamarillos. Is it sweet ?
    And I am happy to discover your blog..

  5. I've never seen a tamarillo either! What are they like?

  6. That looks very like a bran muffin with the coffee. Do you have a good recipe? I am looking for a light and tasty one, mine is a bit too dense.

    1. These are a banana bran muffin, they use oil instead of butter, the recipe is from Chelsea Winter's Everyday Delicious book. I usually use Allison Holst's basic bran muffin recipe as my go to recipe.

  7. My dreams are the same as yours Julie! I am SO over winter! I'm loving the look of your AMH's going to be a beauty! The latest EPP block is those spots! Have a good week, I hope work goes smoothly.

  8. Oh lambs.:) A sure sign that spring is here indeed - even if the weather is still pretty wintery thus far. Its soggy and shivery down here as well. Brr.

  9. Oh, look at those woolly lambs, they are just gorgeous!! I like the lush green grass in that photo too, Julie, for here we had the shortest Winter and it is already so dry that the grass is brown and crunchy! Meg:)

  10. Me too.. so so sick of the rain! Lovely AMH blocks, her 'climbing rose' in teal is my all-time favourite fabric. How big is each block?

  11. Does Miss B go along to One Tree Hill for her archery? I see you have the Quilts in Ireland book that you were waiting on from the library, isn't it glorious! AMH quilt - looking lovely, forgot to respond to you re the 5" square swap - sounds good to me, and hope you have fun with the lovely heap of compost!

  12. Tamarillos are beautifult! I'm not sure if I have tasted them. Your quilt is turning out lovely! All fabrics go so well together even though they are so different.

  13. Lovely sheep, fruits and quilt projects! I’m intrigued by the quilt photo’s in the book! Is it the Quilts in Ireland book by KF?

  14. I love the sheep!
    Tamarillo's ? I have never had one. What do they taste like?

    I am taking an art class with my son this weekend. We are going into a garden to learn techniques to sketch and do watercolor. He is so excited. I am excited to spend the day with him.
    Love, Carla

  15. P.S.
    How does your daughter like archery? My oldest son enjoys it.


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