Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

I'm still working on my AMH quilt, I worked out that I need about 130 blocks. After my weekend sewing effort, I have accumulated a nice little pile of pretty, but still have about 75 still to make.  I was hoping that I wouldn't duplicate any fabrics, but I think a few favourites will be repeated.  Luckily they are quick and easy to make.  I think cutting the fabric ready for sewing takes longer.

To stop me starting too many new projects, I made a little list of my outstanding WIPs:
  • Seaglass Sampler Quilt - turn blocks into a quilt top
  • Midnight in the Tulip Garden Medallion - finish the last two or three borders
  • No.7 from the Twelve Days of Christmas decoration swap with my sister
  • Bird Dance is currently at my quilters, so that needs to be bound upon it's return.
  • Ice Cream soda Blossoms - ongoing EPP project
Once the AMH quilt top is completed, I'm going to be good and start working on these again.

And to finish off, a photo of an honest sewing room, mid project(s), that pile down the far end of my cutting table is all my WIPs, not shown are the ones on my ironing board!

Now, it's YOUR turn to share, by linking up your sewing and stitching projects, whether they are starts, wips, or finishes, following these guidelines.
  1. Link up from any post from the past week that features something you have been sewing or stitching,
  2. Somewhere in your post, please link to this post.
  3. Please comment on a couple of the other Sew,Stitch, Snap, Share links - it's fun to receive comments from new people, and we are trying to encourage people to read blogs and keep blogging too.


  1. Your AMH quilt is going to be awesome Julie! And I always think the cutting is the longest part of the process, apart from basting of course! You'll have that WIP's list sorted in no time, I think! Happy sewing!

  2. great going! I love your sewing space, I found it inspiring when I visited with you. Good to have a list.......same at the supermarket :-)

  3. I think my WIPs need to be more visible, like yours. I do have a list... for all the good it does.

  4. You have a lovely list of outstanding projects. My list would fill some pages, I’m afraid...

  5. It's good to see a "real life" sewing room! I wish my WIP list was similar to your, mine is around twice the number you have on your list. You're more than halfway there with the AMH blocks, we'll soon be seeing a finished top!

  6. How fun to have a peek in at your sewing room and where you work your magic. :-)

  7. I like your sewing room photos. Thanks for sharing.
    I like seeing the colors, stacks of fabrics and blocks.
    Cozy and fun.
    I saw the lambs on your last post, sweet.


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