Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

I have been busy cutting squares and strips and sewing them together for my AMH quilt, which I am working on as part of the #AMH Sewalong.  Currently I have completed 100 blocks, so the end is in sight.  Of course this is where the enthusiasm starts to wane as well.

I was hoping to not have any repeated prints, but to get to the number required, I will need to double up on a few favourites.  Thanks also to Linda for sending me some of the new Retrospective range to include in this.

Over the weekend I installed a very basic design wall in my living room using a flannelette sheet, so I could see how it was looking.  Nothing is in it's final place, these were just whacked onto the sheet as I pulled them off my pile of blocks

It's definitely bright and bold,  (or as my sister said "looks good, a hot mess") and now I can see what colours I need to add in the way of solids to it.  It has been quite interesting too, seeing how the quality of some of the fabrics has differed over the collections, the newer ones definitely have a nicer feel to them.  Have to admit I am not looking forward to sewing them altogether now.

Now, it's YOUR turn to share, by linking up your sewing and stitching projects, whether they are starts, wips, or finishes, following these guidelines.
  1. Link up from any post from the past week that features something you have been sewing or stitching,
  2. Somewhere in your post, please link to this post.
  3. Please comment on a couple of the other Sew,Stitch, Snap, Share links - it's fun to receive comments from new people, and we are trying to encourage people to read blogs and keep blogging too.


  1. This is a good pattern. Simple but looks really good.

  2. The blocks look amazing on your design wall, it is very hard to pick up that there are two of some fabrics.

  3. Looking good Julie! You seem to have a lot of blue and green strips so maybe more reds and that pretty pink in the bottom right hand corner ( which upside down BTW!😉)

  4. Your quilt is looking fantastic! It's a simple pattern, but on point it looks incredible. Especially in the lovely prints and colors you've picked out! It makes me think that I need to get out of my 'blendy' box a little.:)

  5. Oh my, you have made heaps and it's looking great up on the wall! Love them all on point like that!

  6. Julie, your colours are fabulous.

  7. I love your "slap them up there" approach. Do you think you will go with that or will you start playing with the blocks?

  8. Love your ‘hot mess’ quilt ;-) The simple blocks really make the prints sparkle!

  9. I agree, 'Bright and beautiful' .
    It will bring cheer wherever it goes.

  10. I really like this design -- it would work well for a bright scrappy happy quilt that I'm planning for our grandson. What size are your squares and strips? Your "hot mess" is stunning.

  11. Like how you arranged them on point. A fun colourful quilt!



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