Monday, 7 October 2019

WOW in Wellington

The Beehive

Wellington Cenotaph

New Zealand Parliament Buildings - old and new

Woman of Words - commemorating Katherine Mansfield

Cuba Street Bucket Fountain

Past entrant of WOW

Past entrant of WOW

Solace in the Wind

FINALE:Bouquet at Te Papa
Tivaevae quilt at Te Papa

Homeward bound

I have just spent a lovely weekend in Wellington (New Zealand's capital city) with my mum and Miss B. We flew down to see the annual World of Wearable arts festival.  More on this further in the post.

Friday saw us all meeting up at Wellington airport, then making our way into the city.  We caught up with my Aunt and wandered the city, finding where the Arena was and the WOW sign for a photo opportunity.

Saturday was cold and wet,  however we were out early to do a tour of our parliament buildings which was very interesting, then we made our way to Cuba street, which is filled with lots of boutique shops, cafes and people, as well as the picturesque bucket fountain. That evening we attended WOW.

 WOW is the World of Wearable Art and is a design competition with entries from all around the world. The show is likened to part theatre, part catwalk show, part Cirque du Soleil. We weren't allowed to take photos in the show itself, but around Wellington there are displays of previous designs.  It was a most fabulous evening,and we had wonderful seats.  The imagination some people have to design these costumes and bring them to life is amazing.

We flew back home early Sunday evening so spent the day at Te Papa and wandering the waterfront on a most glorious sunny if somewhat cool day. Te Papa is a fabulous museum so many interesting exhibitions and displays.  I particularly liked the Gallipoli exhibition and Finale; Bouquet by Nike Savvas.

It was a most wonderful weekend and such a treat to be able to enjoy it with my mum and daughter.


  1. A special adventure indeed.
    xx oo

  2. That looks like a great place to visit. I am glad you got enjoyed your time with your family.

  3. Wow indeed, thank you for sharig photo’s of the art event ad the beautiful city of Wellington!

  4. Yes, it certainly looks like a very special weekend, lovely to go with your mum & daughter. The Tivaevae quilt looks amazing, hand done aren't they?


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