Monday, 11 May 2020

Staying Home - Week 6

Mangatawhiri Dam and the low water level.

New Zealand's silver fern

The concrete walls are usually covered by water

Today we find out if we are moving to Level 2 later this week.  This will mean that schools, workplaces, shops and cafes, maybe hairdressers will open. New social distancing rules will apply , so life will be very different from how we lived pre lockdown. I have to admit, I feel slightly apprehensive about going out into the wider community with lots of people around after being in lockdown,  Later this week, I should find out whether I am returning to work.

The past week I will say was a bit of a meh week.  I seem to have lost enthusiasm for a lot of things including my sewing.

I did try some new red kiwi fruit - the overall verdict from the family was that they look pretty but don't have a lot of flavour.

I baked a salted caramel oaty slice - nice recipe - not quite enough caramel to base ratio.

I made a hearty warming Roasted Kumara and Pumpkin soup - recipe here.

My dahlias have all been pulled out and stored ready for planting next spring, hopefully garden centres will open this weekend and I can get some seedlings for winter colour.

The Scout and I went hiking in the Hunua Ranges on Saturday.  Lots of old fence posts and fungi caught my eye.  It's quite heartbreaking how low our dams are in Auckland - next week water restrictions will start applying to all residents.  Much as I love warm sunny days, we desperately need a long sustained period of rain to fill them up for us.

Hoping that everyone is well and stays well, where ever you are.

Kia Kaha


  1. your photos are beautiful! we are going into week 9 or is it 10 now - it seems forever. I'm glad your country is doing so much better with this than we are although I am lucky to be in a mainly rural state so we never had an excessive number of cases like the cities have had - a lot of people are going back to work this week in my state and some of the stores and places are opening - I hope it isn't too soon. Time will tell

  2. I always love reading your blog and seeing your photos. I was in NZ 30 years ago and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I long to return. Your photos are a real treat! Thank you! I am a quilter in rural Virginia (USA) and am inspired by your garment sewing and may give it a try. Stay well, stay safe , keep walking and keep sewing. Peace and good health from the other side of the world.

  3. Hello,
    I always enjoy hearing about your life in NZ. Take Care my friend. Carla

  4. Just reading posts, yes, tomorrow is Level 2 day and let's hope everyone can stick to the rules!
    Wonderful colour in the kiwi fruit Julie, so different to the green and the gold ones. Lovely photos from your hike but the one of the dam really shows what's happening with the water supply.

  5. Yes, while we've been enjoying the sunny days for so long during this unsettled time, it'll be good to get some much needed rain. Great photos Julie, are these on your phone or do you take a camera out walking too?

  6. Great photos Julie. I am a walker, but not a hiker, so its great seeing the photos. Fortunately we are on tank water, and although we almost ran dry by March, a good downpour fills our tank to the top. Love your cooking reviews! :-)


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