Saturday, 23 May 2020

Bonn Shirt


I  have rediscovered a love of wearing shirts with jeans, whether it be loose boho styled shirts or the classic white shirt, so decided I needed to find some good patterns and make my own,

First up is the Bonn Shirt from Itch to Stitch Patterns. This shirt has three different sleeve variations and can also be made a a shirt dress. I have made a few different Itch to Stitch patterns and have found that the sizing is good for me and the instructions are very detailed.  This pattern was no exception.

The fabric I used was a printed vile from Spotlight, I made a size 4 and the 3/4 sleeve option.  While I think the fit is very good I am going to size up for my next one for a little more room around the back of my arms and shoulder blades.  The only area of making this I had difficulty with was fitting the mandarin collar on, however there is a tutorial on the Itch to Stitch blog which showed and explained what I wasn't doing properly.

I made this shirt during the first week of our lockdown, but didn't have enough thread to make the button holes.  This was remedied this week once our stores were opened again.  Last night I sewed the buttonholes and buttons on.

Unfortunately it is a little too lightweight to wear now, so will need to be put away till slightly warmer weather next spring. 


  1. Cute shirt, I like the mandarin collar, it sits nicely on you. Love the dandelion clock pattern on the fabric.

  2. Oohh... shirt dress! They do some good Friday specials and I may have been adding to my pattern stash 😆

  3. When the weather is right, shirts and jeans is such a comfy but stylish look all at once! And I agree with the others- its a great fabric! I've always loved dandelions!

  4. I like this shirt Julie, you'll have to tuck it away until Spring!


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