Monday, 19 October 2020

Burda Style - Culottes


Image from Burda Style 03/2020

I recently spent a day in Newmarket, where I met up with Julie, a fellow Auckland sewer I had only met through instagram.  We had a lovely day, looking at expensive clothing shops, eating decadent cake and  most enjoyably shopping at one of our mutually favourite fabric stores - Drapers Fabrics.

At Drapers, I bought a beautiful olive linen  and matching vintage buttons to make some culottes I had seen in a Burda Magazine.  They feature a unique button up fold over waistband, so no zips or elastic to insert. The pattern says to go by your hip measurement for these, so I made a size 38 without any adjustments.

There were only four pattern pieces to trace, and on the whole they were relatively easy to make.  My machine coped well with the thick waistband layers where the buttonholes went, though I did have to use a scalpel to cut through the many layers. I have since discovered there is such a thing called a button hole chisel which I am going to invest in.

I am slightly disappointed with the finished garment, it appears there is a slight fade line across the rear of the garment, which because I was sewing at night I hadn't really noticed, assuming it was just a crease in the linen.  I'm guessing that no one else will really notice it, especially after I have sat in them, it should blend in with all the other creases linen is renowned for. The fit is good, though I'm not sure if I should have made them a little shorter.  I am going to enjoy wearing these over summer, hopefully managing to look casually elegant at work and not too much of a crumpled mess.

Pattern  105b from Burda 03/2020


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