Thursday, 30 September 2021

Hopeful Hearts


One benefit of lockdowns, is the time one gets to sew, (I'm lucky cos my kids are now independent teens, so when I'm not doing work things, I get quite a lot of free time), and create and play with our quite substantial fabric stash.  Sometimes instead of starting a new project, old works in progress get finished.

This is the case, with  my Groove is in the Heart Quilt, which I started here almost a year ago.  I had the majority of these large blocks made, and stored in a box.  Over the past week I finshed off the last six blocks I had waiting to be sewn, then stitched them altogether.

The pattern itself had 49 blocks, however I made this up using 36 blocks.  It's quite a large quilt already, but after looking at the photos, I have decied to make another six blocks, so I have a slightly more symmetrically balanced quilt.

Now, that the top is finished, and I have stepped back and watched it flapping in the wind, I am quite pleased with how it has turned out.  I think this one will be a keeper.

Pattern available from Rachel Daisy here


  1. Its gorgeous Julie. A pattern thats on my to-do list

  2. with being in lockdown are you kids doing school on line? or are they older than that?

  3. What a lovely quilt!! I like how the hearts are set on the differing background squares...nice work hugs, Julierose

  4. I really like your scrappy background squares, combined with the scrappy hearts. Did you piece the hearts together first, or appliqué the the half hearts onto rectangles?

  5. It's beautiful Julie. I especially like the variety in your fabrics, lots of colour to brighten up your day!


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