Thursday, 12 May 2022

The Mallard Coat

I wear my jacket versions of this pattern a lot, and decided that I really wanted a bright funky longer version to wear casually with jeans for work.

My two jackets were made in a cotton canvas, and I liked the weight of them, so spent a few hours perusing the rolls available at Spotlight.  Eventually deciding on this sublime meadow of blooming poppies.

I knew I would never be able to get the pattern matching to work on the side seams, so have settled for cutting the fabric so it at least looks like the patterns align.  I did however spend an inordinate amount of time working out how to cut the pockets so they match, only to give up on the folded cuff, it just hurt my brain too much trying to figure that out.

Lining is a beautiful coral coloured bemsilk, and I have purchased some buttons, but am going to wear it without them first to see if they are really needed.

I'm having a bit of fun putting different combinations of jeans, tops and shoes together with this.

Pattern from New Zealand company The Sewing Revival.


  1. Lovely! For pattern matching the pocket, trace the pocket pattern piece on heavy duty clear vinyl. Position the vinyl piece where the pocket belongs on the jacket. You can then trace the fabric print onto it using a a Sharpie or other felt tip pen that works on vinyl. Once that is done, move the vinyl pocket piece onto the leftover fabric and match it with your traced image. You can then cut out the pocket so that it will match . Hope my explanation is clear.

  2. Julie, this is so beautiful! I love the print and colours and it suits you so well!!


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