Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Scenes from my week:
  • spinach and feta open pie - made with the last of my perpetual spinach from the vegetable garden
  • the twenty scout badges I am embroidering the year on, for those scouts who completed the winter camp a couple of weeks ago
  • the sewing which won't be getting done for a while - as my machine has broken again.
  • some little fabric stamps I made and turned into Christmas tags
  • a beautiful new book to drool over, I wish I had a garden full of flowers to pick and put in my house.

What have you been cooking, creating or reading this week?
Can you recommend a sewing machine brand/model that isn't too pricey - that will do the basics, has a walking foot and be able to handle some quilting and sewing through thick layers?


  1. All your happenings look wonderful. An open pie sounds like a brilliant idea.

  2. Try all things patchwork for a machine Julie. I didn't pay a fortune for mine and it's good. They range from 300 dollars up.

  3. I really love your fabric stamps - very cute. I love my Bernina 930 (25 years old), but I inherited it. I really recommend them for strength and the service people promise it will last for at least another 20 years. Unfortunately accessories like walking feet are very expensive (even second hand). I would generally recommend spending as much as you can on a machine as my experience with a cheaper one was not good. I've also been warned off Singers by those that service machines. :-) Good luck!!

  4. I have been swamped this week at work, but I managed to bake another pan of apple crisp. That spinach and feta pie looks absolutely yummy.

    1. At least the weekend is nearly here for you - I am guessing that your apple crisp is similar to my apple crumble.


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