Thursday, 5 September 2013


Browsing cook books and food blogs is something I enjoy. I love reading the little anecdotes that are written with the recipes, I love the appetising and beautiful photos. Interesting recipes to try are pinned or bookmarked.  Today was cold, wet and windy, so spending some time in a warm kitchen  felt like a good idea.  Browsing my pinterest boards I came across this recipe for Oaty Chocolate Fudge Slice.  I had all the ingredients on hand. so gave it a go.  It looks pretty good, so I am looking forward to having this with a cup of tea after school today.
Creamy curried lentil and pumpkin soup with pita bread for dinner tonight.  I have made this before and from memory, I  need to halve the amount of chili powder required - it was a little too spicy for my kids. Still hearty and warming - which is what we need with this cool weather.

Food blogs - some old favourites and new finds that I enjoy are:
What have you made from recipes you have pinned?
Do you have any favourite food blogs or cook books?


  1. I haven't made anything that I've pinned - yet - but I do search for recipes on the internet when I have an ingredient I don't know what to do with. Last week it was frozen red currants that needed making into jam - I was too lazy to do jelly. My favourite cook books are anything by Alison Holst - the recipes just work and are so practical. I also like Sophie Gray as her food is ideal for every-day. But I'm using 'A Good Spread' by Rural Women a lot for baking at the moment.
    Your fudge slice looks yum! Well done!

  2. Thank you for the links to your recipes. I'm craving something spicy and with the season turning to autumn here in minnesota the pumpkins are coming into season. Have a great weekend, Julie!


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