Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Here & Now

Loving //Meeka, my sewing companion. Usually she's always trying to catch my threads, sleep on the pattern book, or sit on my work.  She may be a pain with her furniture scratching, but she has made us laugh at her antics more than we growl at her.

Eating // Lemon Snowflake Cookies - recipe from here

Drinking // Hot chocolate

Feeling // So lucky that I get to enjoy this coastal view on my walk around the neighbourhood.  I love how it changes depending on the weather and tides

Making // Birds and another ice cream soda block

Thinking //I really need lots of fine weather to get out and weed my gardens and mow the lawns

Dreaming // Of summer

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  1. You certainly live in a beautiful area, such great views.

  2. those furry little ears look like butterfly wings! Mouth watering going on here with those bikkies..............Glad to hear you have a companion while creating.

  3. Hello, Meeka! Tiger sends purrs and scratches you way. :)

  4. How comfortable and content Meeka looks! And those lemon snowflake cookies have got my tummy grumbling now (a side effect of reading Here & Nows)! Meg:)

  5. Meeka sound to be a real cutie! Leila comes along sometimes to keep me company, but she is such a busybody, into everything! Well you may dream of Summer, I think we all are and certainly will be after this terrible week is over!

  6. Meeka looks like the perfect sewing companion! We have had an exceptional winter so far...even though it was very cold this morning the day has been sunny and calm- almost Spring-like! I even went for a walk on the beach myself! Your Ice-cream Soda block is Spring-like too!

  7. Enjoy whatever you are doing, as doing it with hot chocolate has to be a good thing!

  8. Those snowflake cookies look divine Julie! I love the views of the lake (?) it's so serene :-) Meeka is so cute! My dog Henry is a creative companion and thankfully all his good points outweigh the couple of not-so-great points too :-)

  9. I love your walking views. What a great spot, and photos! Kate x

  10. you dream of summer and I dream of fall :)

  11. Lovely post Juile, and I'm loving your latest block. I also lov how your birds in your previous post are growing. Are you enjoying the latest Adriana Trigiani book - I have recently discovered her and enjoyed what I have read so far. PS Meeka is beautiful - easy to see why any faults are forgiven!

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Those cookies look delicious and so does your new ice cream soda block.
    Adorable Meeka.

  13. Hello Meeka! She's soooo cute!
    And my goodness what a gorgeous area you live in! It looks so serene and lovely!
    Thanks so much for joining in again Julie!
    Sarah x

  14. I always enjoy these.
    Meeka is a sweetheart.
    I like your view :-) thank you for sharing your recipe. I love lemon.

  15. Those Lemon snowflake cookies look amazing!


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