Saturday, 29 July 2017

I've got the Blues .....

and some shades of grey.

Yep, I'm still making Ice Cream Soda blocks, this batch takes my finished tally to fourteen.

I seem to be having some trouble getting the centre of the inner star to meet nicely and as neatly as I would like, I think using the Liberty makes it better, due to the finer fabric. I don't really think it is bad enough to unpick them and  as my grandpa used to say " a blind man would be pleased to see it".
The kites and crowns in these blocks have also been glue basted , still not sure if I'm a convert , but definitely quicker than thread basting.  I have another two blocks prepped and ready to sew up.

Have a great weekend .


  1. #4 is my favorite!!
    Have you read the book Bear Town by Fredrick Backman?

  2. Oh l-o-v-e the first one, how you fussy cut those little flowery circles! Glue stick is soooooo much faster for sure!

  3. They all look lovely Julie! My saying is "if you can't see it from your horse riding by...!" Have you taken the papers out yet? I always find they relax a bit then.

  4. You have used lovely fabrics in these blocks, great fussy cutting again.

  5. What fantastic pieces! I can only imagine what they would look like all together.


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