Sunday, 9 July 2017


Winter has well and truly set in, it has been so gray and wet lately, a very cold week ahead has been forecast, and to top it off both Miss B and Mr J have started the school holidays choked up with sore throats, colds and sinus pain.  In between playing nurse and house cleaner, here's a little of what is keeping me amused this weekend.
  • Needing just the right shade of pink for another bird, I dashed up to my thread/fabric shop, of course I came out with some other goodies.
  • The completed bird (legs and eyes still to do) looks pretty great though, the variegated thread was a perfect match for it.
  • A huge bowl of lemons, from a friend who answered my pitiful text for surplus fruit, means lemon honey drinks are being consumed by the patients.
  • A beautiful new cookbook from the library (this may go on my birthday ideas list) and the new Adriana Trigiani book.
Time to do some baking (with lemons I think) now, and  then hopefully another bird.  Have a fabulous week.


  1. Julie, I like the touch of font fabric in the background of your bird. Looks like you are enjoying the process and relishing the fabric and thread choices along the way. tree is groaning under the weight! let me know if you need anymore :-)

  2. Sorry to hear the children are not well, hopefully they will feel better soon. Love the bird it looks amazing.

  3. Love this new little bird so much!! Oh dear, so sorry that you have two patients presently - lemon honey drinks are always a soothing remedy. Hope they are soon well again. I was reading something, somewhere the other day about The Underground Deli, the food shot on the book cover looks delicious, I think I'll be checking this one out at the library.

  4. What a pretty pink bird! The felt is such a lovely colour! I hope the family are recovering from their winter ills, thanks to those luscious lemons! Now, look after yourself so you don't get sick!

  5. I hope all the colds and winter ills will soon be gone. Loving your new bird and the beautiful threads you are using!

  6. What an amazing bird(s). Sorry for the sickness overwhelming the house. On the other hand, winter setting in sounds good from Middle Atlantic states in USA. We're suppose to hit 98 (f) this week. Ugh. More time needed in the cool basement.

  7. Well done with your bird and extra purchases look good. Not one lemon on our tree, so I'm envious of your friend's haul and your largesse as a result. Hope the patients are on the mend.

  8. I wish I knew what the beautiful thread is that you are using on your oh-so-beautiful bird???!

    1. The beautiful variegated thread on the spools are Sue Spargo threads - hope that helps.


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