Friday, 21 July 2017

Ten Ice Cream Soda Blocks ..

Doesn't that  post title make you want to start singing?

The July/August packs of Ice Cream Soda Quilt pieces arrived  in the mail the other day.

All eight blocks for May have been completed, and as I started the eight for June, I thought I'd do a group photo.

The completed blocks are definitely an eclectic  bright scrappy mix of colours and fabrics.  I have decided I am definitely lacking some blue blocks, and have managed to cobble together some fabrics for one block, whilst realising, that while I have a lot of aqua in the stash, other blues don't feature as heavily.  Luckily I know that my Liberty scraps have some blue pieces that should mix with some other fabrics.

The Scout is taking me away hiking this weekend, the destination  is a surprise, the weather is rather wet and cold, so I have prepared a couple of blocks to work on in the hut, if we get rained in.

Also, if anyone would like to see my sister's beautiful Bird Dance quilt - check out Quiltmekiwi's blog post about the quilting of it.  Both Janine and Leanne have made an amazing job of this.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend - whatever you end up doing.


  1. I love stars! These are so colorful and pretty. I have two epp in progress but this would be nice to start.

  2. They are looking great!! Do you stitch your EPP side by side, or back to back?? I've done back to back, but I've tossed around the idea of side by side... hmmm....
    Enjoy your trip! We will be sweating yet again, while painting. The temperature is supposed to reach low 100s, with a 'feels like' temperature in the onehundredTEENS!!! which means it will be even hotter out there in the house, as all windows and doors (save 1) are taped of for the painting. I am hoping to not end up with another massive headache - oiy! I'm thinking we'll have to get up at the crack of dawn.

  3. Very beautiful work and colors, Julie.
    Have fun on your hike!

  4. I hope you have good wet weather gear! I look forward to hearing where you went. I love the variety in your blocks and of course every time you use your painters tray as a backdrop for your photo's makes me want one for myself! Thanks for the link to me :-)

  5. Oh, you are brave girl to go hiking in the depths of winter! It was about 3 degrees here this morning...I guess being rained in would be a good thing!
    I too don't have many blue fabrics in my stash at all. How odd is that? Your current selections are lovely though! I'm off to check out your sister's quilt..... Happy hiking!

  6. Lovely scrappy selection of Blocks. Hope all went well on your hike and you stayed warm & dry!


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