Sunday, 30 July 2017

Cook the Books - July


July has been marginally better than June for cooking/baking new recipes. I seem to have lost motivation for trying new recipes, I still enjoyed looking at lots of lovely cookbooks and ideas, but then revert to the quick and easy family favourites.

Week One:
Seeing as I had a s surplus of lemons I made these Lemon Snowflake Cookies, from a recipe I pinned a while ago to my Delicious Board on Pinterest.  They suggest using a small ice cream scoop of dough per cookie, I used a  heaped soup spoon.

Verdict:  Mine didn't seem to spread as much as the ones pictured in the recipe, but they were delicious, tangy and chewy and very edible.

Week Two:
 Leanne (QuiltmeKiwi) was coming to visit me, and deliver my sister's Bird Dance Quilt.  As a long time reader and commenter on my baking related posts, I thought I had better try a new recipe out on her.  I made Danish Dream Cake from Phillipa's Home Baking,  a new book I got out of the library. This is a light sponge type cake with a caramel coconut topping, relatively easy to make with ingredients I had in the pantry.

Verdict: We all enjoyed this, Miss B couldn't get over how light the cake was.

Week Three:  Nothing new was cooked

Week Four:  A beautifully fine but cold weekend, makes you want to snuggle up by the fire with a yummy dessert.  With the rhubarb in my garden still growing well, these delicious looking
 Sugar-crusted rhubarb and apple pies were calling my name.

Verdict:  Absolutely scrumptious, they weren't too fiddly to make, and will definitely become a favourite rhubarb recipe in my collection.

Here's to August, the last month of winter for us, hopefully I will be more inspired to cook and bake.


  1. Everything looks delicious Julie! My husband would love those rhubarb pies! And I'll have a double serving of the Danish Dream Cake! What a name!

  2. I knew I should have stayed a week.......look at all the yummy stuff! Mind you I might have be able to move after consuming it all! That Danish Dream cake was scrummy, thanks for sharing.

    1. might NOT have been able to move.................

  3. How delicious!
    Works of art. Rhubarb pies bring back good memories.
    I can smell them now.
    Have fun!

  4. Your cakes looks so good!!! Thank you for recipe links :)

  5. A real sweet treat at your house! The rhubarb and apple pie looks delicious - served with a little cream perhaps!

  6. Hi,
    The Danish Dream Cake sounds wonderful. I always enjoy these posts.


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