Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How does my garden grow?

The lovely warm weather we have been having is doing wonders for my vegetable and fruit plants
  • we share a grapevine with my neighbour - it is absolutely laden with bunches of tiny grapes.  Last year the birds got to them before we did - so I must get a net for them this year.  They are sweet and juicy and taste like grapes I remember from my childhood.
  • the passionfruit plant is now starting to get lots of small fruit on it - can't wait till they are ready to use - I think it is usually around the end of March they start dropping off.
  • my Sweet 100 cherry tomato now has some tomatoes appearing too.
  • another handful of beans was picked today and there are three more zucchini to be picked too.
  • more lettuce plants and some radish seeds have been planted too.

Does anyone watch The Edible Garden with Alys Fowler on Choice TV on Friday nights - it is quite inspiring as to what she grows in her garden.  She has a couple of books published too, which I am waiting to get from my library.

How is your vegetable garden growing?
What are your most successful crops so far?
Have you tried some new vegetables this year?


  1. I love your garden photos. I don't have a garden just a few mini tomato plants in a pot to keep me amused :-)

  2. passion fruit sounds like a wonderful thing to grow in the garden.


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