Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Morning at the Museum


This morning I had an outing to the Auckland Museum.  Currently they are showing an exhibition from the V & A Museum called Selling Dreams - 100 years of fashion photography.  Lots of beautiful, mainly black and white photographs from the early 1900's through to modern day.

I also wandered down to Wintergardens,  to see the Corpse flower, unfortunately (or fortunately - cos it wasn't smelly anymore) it was starting to die off - it was still pretty large though. There were still lots of other lovely and some very unusual flowers and displays to see in the gardens.


  1. Loving those flower pictures! Thanks for doing us Northern Hemisphere folks a solid and posting some riotous natural color :)

  2. Hi Julie - we had a corpse flower blooming at one of the universities here recently - I recognized it in your photo right away. I'm happy I haven't gotten the chance to smell one of those! Beautiful pictures!


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