Sunday, 24 September 2017


52 and Others by Anne Bell

Oma's Garden by Willie van Florestein

c1960, made in Birmingham, Alabama, assorted fabrics, edged with broderie anglaise

These will be pieced together and turned into quilts for Women's Refuge and neo natal wards

A Bit of Blue and Green by Gloria Davies

Flower Garden by Jean Groves

  • I attended the Project Hexagon Exhibition at Nathan Homestead, a heritage arts, culture and events centre.  Built in 1925 it has beautiful grounds and gardens too.   Over 30 quilts in varying colours, styles and sizes were exhibited all made from hexagons.  The majority of quilts on display featured hexagons based on the book, The New Hexagon.  Some quilts were hand pieced and others machine pieced.  Over 1000 pre-quilted loose hexagons have been donated, and these will be stitched together to make quilts which will be distributed to Auckland Women's Refuge and the neo natal ward at Middlemore Hospital.
  • Enjoying some vicarious garden visiting through this post and for those who really want to experience colour, craft, food and friendship, check out this beautiful post.
  • A little retail therapy - some for my AMH quilt, some for Ice Cream Soda Blocks, and a tiny rotary cutter for easier fussy cutting.
  • Meeka, was she sheltering from the sun or trying to camouflage herself under the rhubarb leaves?
Hope you have all had a lovely relaxing colour filled weekend too.


  1. I obviously missed the fact that Nathan Homestead had this exhibition on - nice quilts!! Always good to have a little stash enhancement isn't it! Meeka looks very content in her hiding place and thank you for giving the link to a wonderful post!! I'm going back there this afternoon, so much to see and oodles of colour - just up my street!

  2. That is a beautiful collection of hexie quilts...great stash additions....Meeka is very cute!!

  3. I will be watching with interest the growth of your quilts, enhanced by your recent purchases. I think I need to invest in a little rotary cutter- some of these pieces in Delilah are doing my head in!!

  4. I'm sure the cat chose that position to bring out the green in her eyes! Cats are like that of course. The chimney toppers look like chess men... and what an amazing exhibition that must have been. Great weekend roundup!

  5. Looks like a wonderful quilt exhibition! Hexis are still as popular as ever. Great bit of retail therapy too!

  6. Hi,
    I peeked at the garden post. Beautiful!
    What a fun exhibition. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Lovely photo’s of the quilts and flowers! Meeka always reminds me of our late tom-cat Midas.

  8. Sounds like a most enjoyable weekend, some lovely inspiration with the quilts and garden...interesting to have an exhibition based on just the hexagon - and interesting to see how it has moved with the times. What a cutie Meeka is!


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