Sunday, 15 October 2017

Here & Now

There are not a lot of flowers blooming in my garden at present, one old spring faithful though, is my Corydalis Blackberry Wine - I love  the fresh green leaves and mauve flowers, although I have never been able to smell the fragrant scent it is supposed to have.

Other things making me happy this weekend are:

Loving // This blog post

Eating // Home made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, the joy of having Miss B and Mr J do the baking in the school holidays.

Drinking // Water, earl grey tea and hot chocolate.

Feeling // 

  • Pampered, I spoiled myself and bought a beautiful new hand cream and shower cream.  
  • Excited, cos my Bird Dance is being quilted at present - see here for a sneak peak.
  • Pleased, I have mulched all the gardens now, it has been a big job, but they look great and hopefully will retain a lot of the moisture from all the winter rain we have had, as well as keep the weeds down
  • Surprised, when I received some lovely mail from a friend in America
Making // The last few blocks for my AMH quilt, - the design sheet is up again and providing it doesn't become a toy for Meeka, this can stay up until next weekend for sewing.  Another ice cream soda block (lunchtime sewing only)

Thinking // It is all very well, when all the books you have been wanting to read arrive at once, it's just hard to find the time to do it.  Maybe I'll ignore the house work for a while ....

Dreaming // of what I'm going to plant in the flower and vegetable gardens this coming weekend.

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  1. I've been eating homemade choc chip cookies too, Julie. It's hard to go past them! I always come back from the library with a stack of books ... the housework suffers a little then ;) Last time, I borrowed a book by a NZ author called "The Quiet Spectacular". I enjoyed it quite a bit. Meg:)

  2. Your AMH quilt is looking fabulous! I don' know how you cope with all those books! I have one on the go and one waiting for me at the local library!

  3. I always enjoy these. I had to smile, because the same thing happens to me with books I order from the library. ;-)
    Great job finishing your garden. It does make one happy. I am on the other end of things, cleaning up. I will dig dahlia tubers this week to dry and hope to keep for next season. I also need to do the same with the cannas and gladiolus.

  4. Love the AMH quilt Julie and your books look very interesting, particular Six Tudor Queens 1, just my sort of reading, I'll put in a request at Howick.

  5. I have been eating home made gf lemon slice and it is very yum!!! That is a beautiful flower from your garden, your AMH blocks are just beautiful! My book heap need to be returned and new ones brought home. You have some interesting ones there.

  6. Beautiful photos. I like earl grey tea :)

  7. I say definitely ignore the house work for a while, especially after accomplishing such a big job as mulching! :-)
    Those flowers are so pretty! It's always nice to have others bake for you too.

    Thanks so much for joining in again Julie!
    Sarah x

  8. Lovely photos and I loved reading your list of things that make your happy. The eating and drinking are right along my line of thinking.


  9. Lovely photos! That quit is stunning, I love the colours.

  10. The yellows in your linked "Loving" post are gorgeous, Julie. No wonder you're smitten!

    Your sewing projects are always so bright and beautiful. Such a talent.

  11. Everything always tastes better when someone else cooks for you, doesn't it. Great looking quilt, missus!

  12. Thanks for the cheerful colors, flowers and your quilt.
    New books are fun.
    Have a great day!


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