Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

This weeks Sew Stitch Snap Share from me  is all about the stitch.

I have been very good and actually completed both the swans I needed to for my Christmas decoration exchange with my sister. We are doing mmmcrafts: 12 Days of Christmas ornament collection, I make the odds, she make the evens.  We both make two each,  so at the end we will each have a full set.

Every year I put off doing these, thinking they'll take a long time to do. In reality they are quick and fun to make.  Admittedly the neck was a little faffy to stuff, and there is a reason you are told to prewash your felt before soaking off the sulky fabric solvy.  They are starting to get trickier now with people and clothes to make in the last four patterns to be released.

These swans just need to be threaded for hanging, and one of them packaged up for my sister ( I think she'll get the pale pink one).

Now, it's YOUR turn to share, by linking up your sewing and stitching projects, whether they are starts, wips, or finishes, following these guidelines. 
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Julie and Linda


  1. It has been good sewing weather these hols!

  2. These are beautiful Julie! You must be getting close to having the full 12 days of Xmas set now?

  3. The swans are beautiful, great idea to do it with your sister.

  4. Gorgeous swans Julie! I love them in pink!

  5. Beautiful! Love the hand stitching.


  6. Those swans are so sweet. You do such beautiful work and your photos are terrific.

  7. Looks like all that 'faffing' about makes a fabulous decoration worthy of any Christmas tree!

  8. Gorgeous colors and nice stitching on those ornaments!

  9. Beautiful swans, I love the way you have photographed them sitting in the bare branches.

  10. Your work is beautiful Julie - I love these swans :-)


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