Sunday, 29 October 2017


  • This  velvety berry toned pelagonium I am trying to grow from a cutting,
  • this quilt at Houston Quilt Market
  • Fiction and non fiction.  The Words in my Hand was a lovely read, set in mid 17th century, Netherlands.  It is a fictionalised account of French philosopher and mathematician, Descartes and his relationship with a young woman.  Beautifully written, you can almost imagine yourself there.  Code Girls is about the unknown American women who were code breakers during the wars.  A really interesting read so far.
  • Inspiration and Instruction, Kaffe, Liberty and embroidery
  • Lemon Squeezy Slice - recipe here.  I made mine in an 18cm x 30 cm tin, not the 20cm x 20cm tin recommended - I think the icing to base ratio was just perfect this way.
  • I know I said I wasn't going to work on my AMH quilt, but I had a brainwave for the backing while trying to sleep the other night, so the fabrics have come out again, and cutting has commenced.
Happy weekending to you all.

** *Also, due to a lot of spam comments I have been receiving, I have had to enable comment verification on my blog, I hope this doesn't stop you from commenting.***


  1. Good luck with the cutting - that flower is glorious, and they are supposed to be easy to grow. I love those bird ornaments on top of the books - so pretty. And I have been given a lemon slice recipe which is yet untried, but you make me feel like giving it a go. Hope you have had a great weekend!

  2. I have the left handed embroidery book too :-) mmmmmm baking............time to visit again!
    Happy back piecing. I won't stop looking and commenting on your blog it's far too inspirational and mouth watering when you have been baking!

  3. A feast for the eyes in so many ways. The fabrics were a delight.

  4. Hope you are successful with the cutting. The colour and veining of the pelagonium is beautiful. Thanks for the book ideas and the recipe. Looks delicious and I guess if you eat the slice very quickly there's no calories either!

  5. Thanks for sharing the 'Lemon Squeezy' recipe, looks so good.
    Quilt Romance is one of my favorite Kaffe books.
    Gorgeous berry colored flower too.

  6. There’s always plenty of colour in your week Julie. I love the colour of that pelargonium too! The code breaking book sounds interesting. I might add it to my list.

  7. Lovely pile of books to get lost in! And there's nothing quite like a fabric pic, full of eye candy to tempt!

  8. Flowers ... thank you! Winter is coming early! Snow, cold wind and freezing temps already!

  9. What a beautiful colour in that pelargonium. So pretty! I love having a pile of books from the library to read too. Always a joy to have a book to read on weekends. Meg:)

  10. That is a beautiful pelargonium, love the colour. Your pile of books to read is always interesting.


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