Thursday, 1 March 2018

Things Here Lately

Gosh it's March already,  officially the first day of Autumn in New Zealand.  Things here lately - some little bits of randomness from my life over the past couple of weeks.
  • Reading is something I will always have time for - here are three that I have recently read and really enjoyed.
  • Now that the school holidays are over, and Miss B, my kitchen apprentice is busy with school, and after school activities, I find that I am left with the baking job again.  I tried a new recipe - Blueberry Upside Down Cake, I used frozen blueberries and it worked out fine.  Recipe here
  • Colour in the garden, not many flowers this year for picking unfortunately, I need to plan my planting better next year. The geranium and Iresine were all grown from cuttings. 
  •  My tamarillos are getting bigger and we have one watermelon just about ready for picking.
  • Still working on the hand quiting for the Sea Glas Sampler Quilt - it's hot work with the wool batting some evenings.  Of course as soon as I spread it out to plan the next stage, Meeka appears and claims it.  I think I know where she will be sleeping in the winter months when it's completed.
Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week and weekend ahead.


  1. The blueberry upside down takes looks delicious. As you are going into Autumn we are now looking forward to Spring.

  2. That really is the perfect thred for your Sea Glass Sampler. I was interested yesterday to find out that cats and dogs, like humans, can also have a wool allergy. Looks like Meeka doesn't have that mallady! :)

  3. I love that Meeka is Cat Scanning your quilt, I think, like me she thinks it looks great. The cake looks yummy. Looks like a good sized watermelon.

  4. Lovely post Julie - a nice wee snippet into what you are up to :-) Yummy in the garden - our Tamarillo tree died a few years back and I keep meaning to replace it.... Our Timmie is just like your Meeka - one whiff of a quilt and she appears!

  5. The Blueberry Upside Down cake is definitely going to be on the agenda for next week, I love blueberries!
    Lucky you having a watermelon, although I don't like to eat them I always love to see one cut because of the colours. Meeka looks very much at home on your quilt, cats do like home comforts don't hey!

  6. What is photo 6?
    Did you grow watermelon? If so HIGH FIVES .. no luck for me.

  7. It's great to see those fresh green pictures. We have snow and so cold :( I can see tamarillos only in super market and they are very expensive.

  8. All looking good there. We have our last of 5 watermelon and tamarillo at about that stage too. Our melons were good except one we left too long and it rotted -shame.

  9. Your post came up on my blog feed. It's interesting to read about it being fall there, and the things that are growing, since I live in the Midwest in the US. I actually have a cousin who is there in New Zealand, hiking in the Alps.
    In that first picture, what type of fabric is that? I purchased some cotton fabric for a quilt, but the texture and weight is more like a twill, so I've set it aside for - something. But that picture seems like your fabric might be a twill. Love your stitching. And love the quilt in the next picture, as well!

    1. If you are referring to the photos with the books on quilts, they are all just different quilting cottons. Thanks for reading my blog, hope you get some warmer days soon.


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