Thursday, 15 March 2018

Here & Now

Loving //  Cooler nights, sleeping is so much easier.  Not so keen on the cooler mornings, although seeing a full moon at dawn is a rather lovely occurrence.  The smell of autumn in the air and  late summer flowers.

Eating // Crisp, juicy, flavoursome new season apples and pears

Drinking // Lots of water, hot chocolates and tea.

Feeling // Sore - my knees, hips and middle finger joints are aching.  Must time to hit the glucosimine again.

Making // Wax fabric wraps, I'm trying to cut down the plastic wrap usage.  Another Solstice Dream block, love the bullion knot caterpillar on this one, though I'm awfully glad I don't have caterpillars this size in my garden.

Thinking // My summer vegetable garden was a bit of a write off this year, I've just planted Rainbow chard, perpetual spinach, beetroot and late season lettuce, so I'm hoping my winter one is a lot more productive.  

Dreaming // Of some new made by me clothes.

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  1. I love this time of the year too Julie! The long shadows in the morning are another aspect that marks the changing of the seasons. Your stitching is always a delight to see! Is he a witchetty grub, do you think?

  2. All sounds good to me!! Cooler nights are great and I love the photo of the bee on the flower head. Hope the glucosamine works for you and you're not alone with a write off sort of veg garden this summer - mine was just the same.

  3. We are enjoying to cooler nights too Julie. Love the caterpillar (wrong colours but made me think of a monarch caterpillar) and your bee and bumble bee photos are beautiful! Hope your joints are feeling better now.

  4. Lovely photo’s! We‘re heading towards Spring and had some lovely temperatures last weekend, about 17oC, which was 25 degrees warmer than the week before, when it was freezing during daytime. Temperatures are dropping now again and there might even be snow... Is Glucosimine helping you? I took tablets for some time but did not really notice any improvement in my sore joints :-(

  5. How cute is that caterpillar! He looks so realistic.
    Autumn is the best time of year, isn't it? I love the cooler mornings as well as the evenings, providing I remember to throw a light jacket on before I step outside!
    I hope your joints are feeling better soon Julie!
    Thanks so much for joining in,
    Sarah x

  6. That is a beautiful photo of that moon, Julie. I love those silvery colours! I love planting out new veg in the garden, I'm doing that this weekend now the weather has cooled considerably and the rain has stopped. Your embroidery work is amazing! Meg:) p.s. I don't want caterpillars that size in my garden either!

  7. Beautiful pictures! That little worm is so cute :)

  8. Oh, the caterpillar is the cutest!
    Handmade clothes are on my to-do list too :o)

  9. Please share you new clothes. Where do you find patterns for your clothes?
    Enjoy your Autumn season.

  10. Isn't it nice to be sleeping more restfully now it has cooled :-) All looking fabulous as usual.......sewing clothes, that's something I haven't done for a very long time...I look forward to seeing your creations.

  11. Great bee pics and love your caterpillar! So enjoying these cooler nights for sleeping. Can't wait to see the made-by-you new clothes.

  12. I think bumble bees are my favourite insect... so fat and fluffy! Great photo. I planted my summer garden a bit late, so while it has been productive, I don't know whether things will mature before it cools down too much. Oh well, I have discovered that you never win with the vege garden... you just make do with whatever grows.

  13. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. The moon at dawn, flowers and bees, soothing.
    Spring is official here tomorrow, crocus, daffodil and ornamental cherry are blooming now.
    Your stitching is great, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  14. Gorgeous needlework, as always, Julie. I love that little caterpillar! :)

  15. Beautiful post. I think of joining in with this linky too but sometimes think it would take too much thinking :-)


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