Friday, 2 November 2018

Auckland Festival of Quilts

Yes, it's that time of the year again.  Luckily the Festival always begins on a Friday, when I have my rostered day off.  This year I met up again with Linda and Raewyn.  We had a lovely time chatting, catching up, critiquing the quilts and of course a little retail therapy.

I thought that there were less quilts on display than other years,(though I still managed to take lots of photos) and maybe not so many really modern quilts. Possibly because I have been doing a lot of applique those sort of quilts attracted my attention more.   A couple of my favourite quilt fabric retailers were absent too, though that was possibly a good thing for my credit card.

Here are some quilts that caught my eye, and have hopefully reignited my sewjo for quilting which has been somewhat absent this year.

L-R: Raewyn, me and Linda

Secret Garden by Jenny Henry

Atomic Daisies by Kathy White ( I should try and finish my version of this)

High Rose City by Anne Joule.  Paperpieced and hand sewn, made from tie offcuts

Just for Fun by Sue Flego

Abigail by Lorraine Williams

Mum;s Favourite by Wendy Johnson

Foxley Village by Mary Metcalf

Close up from Foxley Village

Recyceld Rig by Tish Brindle

The Long Bush Walk by Robyn Croft

Neighbours by Dianne Dowd

Cats by Sonya Prchal

Tiger by Leeanne Hopper

Little Pieces of Yesteryear by Colleen Burr

Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebeccca Bishop

Birds of a Feather by Tish Brindle

Little Brown Bird by Betty Mclean

Around the Garden by Rebecca Bishop

Solstices by Julia Vazey

Dear Jane by Margaret Reid (This would be the prettiest version I have seen)

Who Made these Blocks by Val Williams (Comprised of donated hexis)

by Sue De Vanney

My purchases.


  1. Thank you for posting the photos Julie. It's great to see what I'm missing. Have fun making the bag - it's challenging, but worth it in the end. My tip would be to make the soft and stable outer part of the front pocket slightly larger than the inner part, because it has to bend around.

  2. Thanks. I'm not there this year. That bag ( pattern ) looks useful.

  3. Looks like you had a great day! I love the Down the Rabbit Hole quilt the best, even though they are all lovely!

  4. Thank you for sharing, so many beautiful quilts there, lovely to see Raewyn and also to see Leeannes tiger quilt. I likemthe Birds of a Feather quilt too.

  5. Interesting how the show changes year by year... but still a nice crop of quilts! I am always fascinated by the small details!

  6. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous quilts! You're so right, that Dear Jane is just beautiful. So pretty!

  7. Great photo of the three of you Julie and thanks for sharing the photos of quilts, I know Sue Flego, Val Williams and Mary Metcalf from the early days of Guild, lovely to see their quilts.

  8. AMAZING!!! I am with your mom, that was my favorite as well. Lorraine Williams is my second favorite, Abigail.

  9. Lovely post. There were some fabulous quilts. I'm pleased to have my Tiger & his mates back home. I look forward to seeing your version of the day tripper bag.

  10. Yes, thanks for sharing your photos. It looks like a good variety of styles were represented.
    I've seen that pattern, 'Around the Garden', Rebecca Bishop's rendition is gorgeous.

  11. Thank you for this tour! Those cats are awesome, almost real!!


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